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Through the Years we wander many trails. the trails of life that lead us to places we could only dream of. whether it be Solo or with friends. Growing up in Montana brought a spirit with it that grew on me. visiting the ghost towns of old, mining camps and exploring the many places high in the mountains has always been where i am the most comfortable in life being. There is a certain peace of mind and calmness to it that calls me back up there.

Traveling and living in Alaska the last 2 years off and on brought many new adventures and insights to new places and travels from Anchorage to the Arctic Circle. flying over and landing on Denali to explore a bit on two different Glaciers, Jet-boating up the Chalitna River, Having a beer on the Susitna and Talkeetna rivers dancing in the park with friends in Talkeetna and getting to know many great people who are now friends, to Peacefully laying in the warm air at night watching the Northern Lights overhead and so much more. the place is magical and holds it very own unique spell upon you the second you step into that land, and it never leaves you.

The Hawaiian Experience has taught me much from learning new cultures and exploring new lands, swimming in warm oceans and calm sands. seems it is 80 degrees there all day everyday rain or shine life is good on the islands. i thought maybe it could be nice to live there for a time spending just nine days hopping islands and hiking trails through eucalyptus forests and wandering beaches i have found it to small for my soul, drinking with the locals you ll find some great friends. they are but a small community and one that makes the places special there.

 I have traveled enough for me and seen what i could see there are many more places in the world that hold my curiosity's but i feel tired and i think i just want to stay home for awhile and explore Montana for the next years. and as far as the Photography goes, well it has always been a hobby, never for profit although i have sold and traded many photos i do this for myself and something i like to share. i don't want to be good, great or the best. i love the editing, love the art most of all i just love being "out there" and you will find if you shoot photography when you do it Solo you will get the most of your experience as you will be far more in tune with your environment.

Just enjoy the photos for what they are if you will and i hope they can take your spirit and you can soar to them in your minds eye.Comments are always welcome and the site will always change with the seasons stay tuned if you will.  Peace n Love everyone.Thank you for visiting.